Monday, March 31, 2014

My Life Changing Decision!

It's been a little while since I have posted anything. For the last month I have been focusing primarily and me and my family. We have had a lot going on and I felt that my mind and attention needed to be with them. Although the changes are not quite over yet!

The biggest, and probably the best, thing that has happened is that I got baptized in the LDS Church! This was a big step for me. I have always had a more agnostic view when it came to religion. My parents allowed me believe whatever I chose to. But I never really seriously thought about it much. 

My family is a mix a religious and non-religious people but have been supportive in my decision. My husband's family are mostly all active members, but have never pressured me. Although they have offered to bring me along to church if I ever decided to go. 

One day my Sister-in-law gave our info to the missionaries after having them over for dinner one evening. She told me she thought, after giving them our info, she would just leave it at that and whatever happens, happens. So, of course they showed up at our house one afternoon, and told us some members in the Magna ward sent them.So we immediately knew who that was! At this point my husband was considered "inactive" because it had been awhile since he had gone to church. They asked if they could set a time to come back and just talk and get to know us. Jake reluctantly agreed, since we were, at first, a little irritated. We knew now that they knew where we lived there would be no way they would leave us alone again! 

We had a couple meetings and I agreed to continue and at least listen to their teachings. I figured the best way to really decide for myself was to learn and make an educated decision. So we continued meeting with the Sister Missionaries once a week, and every time they would bring over someone from the ward for us to meet. 

I think it was after the third meeting that they came and told me they wanted to set a goal date to work towards me getting baptized. I was kind of shocked that they were talking about me getting baptized already! I had only been to church once and I was a little uncertain. And the date they picked was only about 6 weeks away! But I agreed to set the day as a goal, and if I didn't feel okay with it when that day came I could always push it back or just say no. 

However, as it came closer to that day, I had decided that I was okay with it. I had finally decided that this was what I needed. I finally felt like I belonged somewhere and that I had a purpose. I have always felt like I didn't belong and recently I had been feeling like I didn't know what I was supposed to be doing with my life. Like I was just kind of coasting along. But after going to church a few times and meeting the wonderful people in our ward, I finally felt that I was in the right place.

So I was baptized on Saturday, March 15th, 2014 by my wonderful and supportive Husband! Almost the whole ward showed up, as well as a few of my family and friends that I invited. It was a wonderful experience, and I am so happy that I was able to share it with my Husband. 

We have been to church every Sunday since, and I can definitely tell the difference in my family. I feel that we are all happier and my Husband and I have become closer. I am so thankful for all of the support and encouragement I have received from all of my family and friends. And I am so thankful for all of my new friends and my ward family!