Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Family Craft Day-DIY Sharpie Mugs

Our family has started a new tradition where all of the women get together and do something crafty once a month. We each take turns hosting and coming up with a craft to do. It has been a lot of fun and we have done many different crafts!

Well March was my month to host a craft, and after searching for something cheap and easy to do, my friend and fellow blogger Daniela at Put a Bird On It posted about an awesome DIY sharpie mug! I loved this idea and thought it would be perfect for my craft day! It's super cheap and so easy even my four year old could do it!!!

I told everyone to bring a mug and I provided some sharpies in many colors. I also made sure to have some paper available for everyone to practice what they wanted to draw first. 

It was super easy and everyone had a lot of fun personalizing their own mugs. It only cost me about $10 for two packs of sharpies and some alcohol wipes. (The alcohol wipes worked great for cleaning before hand since there were quite a few of us, and for erasing mistakes or smudges!) 

After everyone drew on their mugs we put them all together and took some pictures. Then I told them all the instructions for baking their mugs at home. (It would have taken a little too long for them to stay and do it at my house.)

I love the way they all turned out! We have some very talented women in our family! I am so glad that I found this craft idea at Put a Bird On It!

My daughter had a lot of fun doing this craft! I bet you can't pick out which one belongs to her!

 For the full tutorial on how to make your own sharpie mug visit Daniela's post here!

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