Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A Year of New Christmas Traditions

This year the Princess is old enough to start doing some fun Christmas traditions with. So, I of course hit up Pinterest!

The first one we started was the "Elf on the Shelf" tradition. It was pretty successful, although I wasn't super creative with it. Luckily at only 4 years old just having the Elf sit in random spots around the house was enough for her. Her elf, Pebbles, will be leaving a "Goodbye letter" tonight and heading back to the North Pole with Santa Clause.

The second tradition I started was leaving food for Santa's reindeer on the lawn. I found this idea at Put A Bird On It. It's so simple and quick to make. Then the kids just throw it out on the lawn for the Reindeer to have a special treat. The Princess was so excited to try this tonight.
I was also going to try to do the leaving cookies for Santa thing, but in all of the craziness, the cookies did not get baked. But I'll try to do better next year.

The third tradition I started this year, was to read a new Christmas book before bed. I purchased "The Night Before Christmas" for her and her Daddy read it to her. I think she really liked having a new book to read that was all about Christmas.

Next year I would like to do maybe one or two more things, like maybe an advent calendar of activities, and doing the Christmas lights express with hot chocolate and jammies. But, we will have to see how it goes.

What fun traditions do you do with your families? What ones would you like to start doing?

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